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Training and Empowering Musicians to Prevent Overdoses (Podcast)

TEMPO, or Training and Empowering Musicians to Prevent Overdoses, is a multi-partner initiative to distribute naloxone and train musicians and concert venue workers to identify and prevent opioid overdoses.

TEMPO recently made waves in Nashville with a pilot program in partnership with Hikma, who makes Kloxxado, as well as ONEbox, to distribute high-tech overdose reversal first aid kits to music venues, and we at the SMART Initiative were impressed by their immediate results (they saved lives). Just a week after we extended the program to Knoxville, another life was saved at a music venue.

In this episode host Jeremy Kourvelas interviews both Dendy Jarrett, Executive Director of Gibson Gives, about TEMPO and this program, as well as the manager of the Knoxville venue where that life was saved. Being a musician, a fan, or a venue employee in the age of fentanyl is unpredictable, and as a musician myself this project means a lot to me, personally. You don’t want to miss this one.



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