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The ONEbox (TM) is an emergency opioid overdose reversal kit designed to promote safety by assuring that individuals have life-saving, on-demand training when and where they need it.


Product Highlights

ONEbox Training Mode -Train yourself or your entire team on naloxone administration in minutes using the ONEbox training mode.

Find the Purple Box - The ONEbox delivers life-saving naloxone to the right location at the optimal time.

Emergency Response Mode -The ONEbox provides on-demand training during an emergency overdose situation to aid in by-stander intervention.

Setting up the ONEbox is easy and quick. Everything you need is already installed. JUST ADD NALOXONE!

CUSTOMIZATION options are coming soon!

The ONEbox was created by Murphy Media, Inc. The ONEbox is managed by the West Virginia Drug Intervention Institute, Inc., a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization based in Charleston, West Virginia.

Use Case Videos

Use Case: ONEbox in Wilson County, NC

Use Case: ONEbox  &
Collegiate Campuses

Use Case:  West Virginia University

Use Case: ONEbox & Homeless Shelters - Harmony House

Use Case: ONEbox & Law Enforcement 

Use Case: How Counties Can Lead the Way and Adopt ONEbox (Wilson County, NC)

Use Case: ONEbox  &
Gibson Gives

Use Case: ONEbox  & OVP Health

Use Case:  ONEbox Placement in Public Libraries

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