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Rex the Rx.



Who can deliver the program?

Teachers, nurses, counselors, social workers, and other school personnel can deliver this program to students.


How long does the program take to complete?

The program takes about 1 hour to complete fully. The cartoon for pre-k and kindergarten is about 5 minutes long.


How much does it cost?

West Virginia schools can participate in this program free of charge.

Don’t Keep Rex Around™ Medication Safety Program


About Rex the Rx™

Co-created by our president, Dr. Susan Bissett and Joe Murphy, CEO of Murphy Media in 2017.  Don’t Keep Rx Around™ Medication Safety program is a curriculum and public health campaign that utilizes evidence-based practices to teach medication safety to pre-k and kindergarten students and their families throughout West Virginia. Designed with West Virginia early learning standards, national wellness, and health education standards, this program is rooted in evidence-based prevention and public health theory, this important lesson could be potentially lifesaving for our children.  


The Don’t Keep Rx Around program has reached over 2,000 pre-k and kindergarten students, educating them on the importance of medication safety. With positive feedback from teachers and administrators, we’re confident in the program's usability and hear that the program has encouraged motivated learning about health and medication safety in students


With the success of the roll-out of pre-k and kindergarten Don’t Keep Rx Around programming, we will be releasing age-appropriate versions of the program for 1st-2nd and 3rd-5th grades available Summer 2024.


How to get started with Don’t Keep Rx Around™

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