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Nalox(ONE) WV

Nalox(ONE) WV



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WV DII's Nalox(ONE) WV Program

Welcome to Nalox(ONE) West Virginia and the statewide fight against the opioid crisis. Nalox(ONE) West Virginia is a program that trains pharmacists to counsel their patients at the time of an opioid prescription fill to gauge their risk of opioid misuse. The program provides questionnaires that the pharmacist can use to guide their conversation with their patients. A risk assessment value can be determined at the time of interview and the pharmacist may recommend that the patient receive naloxone with the prescription if a high risk is assessed.

Participating pharmacies receive $1,000 when they join and complete the training for the program. In addition, the pharmacy will receive $20 for each patient counseled and $10 for each follow-up call with those patients. Remuneration requires data entry by the pharmacy into a proprietary database. If you find that you have too much volume to complete your data entry, our interns will assist you on site at your pharmacy.

This is a pilot program that has been operating since April 2022. We will be continuing the program and its support process through September 2024. We invite all independent pharmacists in West Virginia to become trained and implement the program through the Drug Intervention Institute. To aid in successful implementation within your pharmacy, please encourage all of your employed pharmacists to participate in the training.

As part of the program, you will receive:

  • $1,000 upon completion of the program training.

  • $20 per counseling session with $10 for every follow-up with that patient.

  • Bag Flags to be used for Rx bags that will be picked up by patients who should be evaluated with the Opioid Risk Tool.

  • Safe Opioid Use Rack Cards to be placed in the pick-up area so that the pharmacist can provide one of these to each patient who receives an opioid prescription.

  • Naloxone doses to be distributed to your patients along with medication disposal kits will also be provided to your pharmacy upon completion of the training. You will receive an initial 10 kits free of charge with additional kits sent to your pharmacy as needed.

  • A Program Binder with guidance documents and other information that you can use to talk to your patients about the risks of opioid use and opioid access in their homes.

  • Additional Data Entry Help is available through the DII. Students from the University of Charleston School of Pharmacy can travel to your pharmacy to help with data collection.

The success of reducing the risk of opioid overdose in West Virginia is credited to the leadership provided by pharmacists such as yourself. We thank you for your commitment to your patients, the profession, and our state and look forward to your participation in our program.



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