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Susan M. Bissett, PhD


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Jessica Napier-Eagle, MS

Education Director

Dr. Susan Bissett is the president of the newly formed West Virginia Drug Intervention Institute, a 501(c)3 non-profit organization located at the University of Charleston in West Virginia. Dr. Bissett is a higher education professional with roots in academic and student affairs who is fiercely committed to public health and pharmacy education. Her professional experiences have included: teaching communication, pharmacy, and social science courses; developing curriculum for pharmacy and scholarship programs as well as first-year programs; assisting with the development of learning outcomes and rubrics for pharmacy, communication, and writing courses; implementation of a digital portfolio for pharmacy education and assessment; and implementation and design of living-learning communities. She has also implemented and developed opioid prescription and medication safety programs aimed to educate young people and the public about the dangers of prescription and illicit drug use/misuse.


Dr. Bissett has written over 100 articles to date with her most recent publications focusing on metrics for pharmacy student success, harm reduction programming, and increasing the pipeline of health care professionals in Appalachia.

Jessica Napier-Eagle is devoted to teaching children and teens about the dangers of substance use and being an advocate for life-saving policies across West Virginia. Prior to acceptance of this position, she worked as a Consumer Representative and Compliance Specialist for the West Virginia Attorney General’s Office (WVAGO) for two and a half years. As the WVAGO’s Consumer Representative, she gave numerous educational presentations on scams and identity theft, elder abuse and opioid prevention to civic groups and organizations, senior citizens, and middle school and high school students and teachers. Prior to Mrs. Eagle’s time with the Attorney General’s Office, she worked for the West Virginia Supreme Court of Appeals as the Probation Office Division trainer and quality assurance specialist. This work included regular training for probation officers that focused on identifying and treating supervised offenders’ needs and risks, as well as monitoring data input and quality assurance.


Mrs. Eagle also worked for the West Virginia Division of Criminal Justice Services (WVDCJS) as a research analyst and trainer. During her time with the WVDCJS, she conducted research on the criminal justice system of West Virginia and conducted numerous training on the Level of Service/Case Management Inventory (LS/CMI) to multiple agencies across West Virginia. The work with WVDCJS also included coordination with state and county agencies such as the Division of Corrections and Day Report Centers. Mrs. Eagle’s educational background includes a Bachelor of Arts in Criminal Justice earned in December 2007 and a Masters of Science in Criminal Justice in May 2009, both from Marshall University.


Mrs. Eagle has a passion for helping other West Virginias regardless of their life circumstances or opportunities and has demonstrated an eagerness and determination with a variety of people or groups to meet this goal.


West Virginia Drug Intervention Institute, Inc. is an independent 501(C)(3) entity located at the University of Charleston. The primary focus of WV DII is to reduce drug deaths in West Virginia through charitable, educational and service activities.  


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