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We are a team of dedicated partners and collaborators working together to make an impact.




The mission of the West Virginia Drug Intervention Institute is to reduce deaths in West Virginia from opioid and drug abuse by being (a) an independent advocate for life-enhancing drug policies and practices, (b) a hub for coordinating drug response activities, and (c) an educational center to address the prevalence of drug abuse and the stigma of drug addiction.

To fulfill its mission, WV DII is carrying out activities under five objectives – research, education, collaboration, advocacy, and prevention

The West Virginia Drug Intervention Institute (WV DII) began in May 2019, after nine months of study and deliberation regarding the best ways to reduce opioid drug deaths in West Virginia.  Funding was promised by the Winston-Salem Foundation from a donor-advised fund established by BB&T (now Truist). The founding members of the board interviewed people involved in and concerned about substance abuse, researched response activities elsewhere, identified possible response gaps, developed the Institute concept, and conducted the search for a president. WV DII is an independent 501(C)(3) entity. In addition, the partnership with an academic institution positions the WV DII with the unique ability to conduct research and analysis of program outcomes.



Partnerships and collaborations the WV DII includes working with the following in various capacities:

  • Cabin Creek Health Systems

  • Calhoun County Board of Education

  • Charleston Area Medical Center

  • First Choice Services

  • Generation Rx and the Ohio State University School of Pharmacy

  • Great Rivers Regional System for Addiction Care

  • Kanawha Charleston Health Department

  • Kanawha Valley Faith United

  • Kanawha Valley Collective

  • Kanawha Communities that Care (KCTC)

  • Kanawha County Board of Education

  • Monroe County Board of Education

  • Murphy Media Inc.

  • Opioid Response Innovation Initiative

  • Partners in Health

  • Putnam County Board of Education

  • Putnam Wellness Coalition

  • Regional Family Resource Network

  • Roane County Board of Education

  • Synergy Health Inc.

  • United Way of Central West Virginia

  • WV ACEs Coalition

  • WV Office of Drug Control and Policy

  • WVSU Healthy Grandfamilies

  • WV Department of Education

  • WV Department of Military Affairs and Public Safety

  • WV Prevention First Network




The WV DII board is comprised of eight voting members and two ex officio members. 

Voting members:

  • Dr. Edwin H. Welch, Chair/CEO of WV DII

  • Mr. Pat Graney

  • Dr. Glenn Crotty 

  • Mr. David Ferretti

  • Dr. Drema Mace Hill

  • Mr. John Kennedy

  • Dr. Thomas Menighan

  • Ms. Margaret O’Neal

  • Mr. Patrick O'Malley

  • Dr. Martin Roth

Board Member Emeritus

  • Mr. Holmes Morrison

Ex officio members:

  • Dr. Susan Bissett, President of WV DII

Our Team:

  • Dr. Susan Bissett, President

  • Tinina McCourt, Program Coordinator

  • Bruce Whitten, Director of Educational Programs

  • Mia Manfredi, Executive Assistant

  • Jenny Fox, Grant Writer and Evaluation Partner

  • Joe Murphy, Content, Creative, and Media Partner

  • Jason Hager, Marketing Conusltant and AR/VR Developer