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Summer SmartRxU Courses

College Students

By the time children reach college, sharing and misusing prescription drugs has become normalized. However, opioids aren’t the only problem. Almost 16% of college students say they misuse prescription stimulants according to the 2018 Prescription Drug Study led by researchers at The Ohio State University. “A majority of students who misuse prescription drugs—including 79% of stimulate users, 59% of sedative users, and 51% of pain medication users—said they obtained the drugs from friends.”


Other key findings suggest the following about both undergraduate and graduate students in the United States:

  • 28% said it’s easy to obtain prescription stimulants on campus, which students often use to study or improve grades

  • 20% said it’s somewhat or very easy to obtain sedatives, which students use most for sleep or anxiety

  • 16% said it’s somewhat or very easy to obtain pain medication, which students use to get high or relieve pain

  • Only 8% keep their prescription drugs in a locked space

WV DII, with support from the Maier Foundation and collaboration with the Southern WV Collegiate Recovery Program and the WV Higher Education Policy Commission, is working to bring SmartRxTM University to all public and private 2 and 4-year campuses in West Virginia by 2022. College students will be trained to deliver the program on their campuses and serve as SmartRxTM Ambassadors for the state of West Virginia.