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Regional pharmacy chains are thriving as a result of diversifying their pharmacy offerings

Sandra Levy

Senior Editor

Drug Store News

When the going gets tough, the tough get going.

In the face of declining prescription drug reimbursements and changes in the marketplace, many regional pharmacy chains are heeding this maxim, as evidenced by the innovative strategies they have pursued to promote growth, enabling their pharmacists to practice at the top of their licenses.

The retailers that are having success because of their ability to innovate and become healthcare destinations include Fruth Pharmacy, Thrifty White Pharmacy, The Giant Co., Kinney Drugs, Hartig Drug and Lewis Drug.

Fruth Pharmacy serves West Virginia, Ohio and Kentucky with corporate headquarters in Point Pleasant, W. Va. Drew Massey, Fruth’s director of pharmacy, said that among Fruth’s innovations is the partnership of eight retail healthcare clinics opened in conjunction with local providers.

“These clinics are staffed by mid-level providers providing convenient walk-in care to community based primary care patients,” Massey said.

Fruth also has been innovative in forging a partnership with the state of West Virginia and the West Virginia Drug Intervention Institute to provide Naloxone and drug disposal kits to patients, as well as age-appropriate teaching tools for children and parents.



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