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Clean Out Your Medicine Cabinet Day 2021: A Great Opportunity to Foster New Partnerships

The third annual National Clean Out Your Medicine Cabinet was Friday, April 16, and we are grateful for our Community Outreach partners, customers and trade associations who helped spread the word about the importance of disposing of unused medications promptly and properly by using our toolkit and sharing our social media posts.

Our theme for 2021 was “Start today…and make it every day,” which is a reminder that you should maintain your medicine cabinet regularly to help prevent medications from getting into the wrong hands.

This year, we were invited to participate in live events on Facebook and YouTube hosted by West Virginia Drug Intervention Institute (WV DII) to discuss our collaboration with WV DII and Fruth Pharmacy, as well as promote National Clean Out Your Medicine Cabinet Day.

Dr. Susan Bissett, president of WV DII, interviewed me and provided an opportunity to talk about the DisposeRx mission and our critical work with pharmacy, health plan, health system and community partners.

As part of our collaboration with WV DII and Fruth, DisposeRx donated our at-home medication disposal packets that will be distributed at 28 Fruth Pharmacy locations through June 30, 2021, and WV DII will make the packets available at their headquarters on DEA Take Back Day, Saturday, April 24, from 10 a.m. until 2 p.m., at 118 Capitol Street, Charleston, WV.

DisposeRx is grateful to WV DII for including us in their Facebook Live event, and we are so proud of our collaborations in West Virginia—a state greatly impacted by the opioid epidemic and pandemic. We look forward to sharing information about additional collaborations in the state in the weeks to come.



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