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Chamber of Commerce partners with Sheriff in fight against opioid overdoses

Feb 16, 2024

By Eric Sylvia

Chesapeake Bay Beach Club General Manager and Vice President of Operations Kellen Shepard, center, accepts a ONEbox from Queen Anne’s Chamber of Commerce President Linda Friday. Next to Kellen, Sheriff Gary Hofmann joins the presentation along with his staff members and Warren Wright, far right, with the Drug Free Coalition.

CHESTER — On Monday, Sheriff Gary Hofmann joined Queen Anne’s County Chamber of Commerce President Linda Friday to distribute ONEboxes (reverse overdose kits) at no charge to 11 local businesses. An emergency opioid overdose reversal kit designed to promote safety by assuring that individuals have life-saving, on-demand training when and where they need it, Hofmann said these kits are analogous to the AEDs which are showing up in more local establishments than ever before. “(AEDs) save lives,” Hofmann stated, “and these kits will too!”

Opioid overdoses are not just contained to those with an addiction, Hofmann noted, but can happen to anyone who may not realize they are taking more prescription pain medicine than is safe.



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