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Be the ONE: naloxone rescue kits help stem opioid overdoses across North Dakota

More than 250 locations across the state now have a way to easily access naloxone to help someone who is experiencing an opioid crisis. An initiative by the Opioid and Naloxone (ONE) Program located in the NDSU School of Pharmacy provides communities a way to help make tools available to stem opioid overdoses. The ONE Program has partnered with local public health units and other groups across North Dakota to make naloxone easily accessible in public areas where people gather.

The self-contained ONE Boxes have been distributed throughout North Dakota, each containing naloxone in nasal spray form for opioid overdose rescue. The boxes are located in accessible areas where community members gather—event centers, sports arenas, city buildings, churches, fairgrounds, convenience stores, major employers and more.

A ONEboxTM contains all the tools needed to safely provide life-saving naloxone to someone experiencing an overdose. The self-contained boxes include a built-in self-playing video inside the box which takes a person through simple, quick steps for rescue during an opioid overdose crisis, administering a nasal dose of Narcan.



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