“We need to reach youth of all ages with messaging and programming aimed at helping them make good choices and providing them a thorough education regarding substance use disorder. It is our responsibility to help Change the Game in West Virginia -only then can we build a strong workforce and citizenry to lead us into a productive future.”

Dr. Susan Bissett, WV DII President

High School & Teen Outreach

In addition, to social norming messages through Generation Rx PSAs and materials geared toward teens—specifically high school students--WV DII has partnered with Game Changers to promote positive youth development in high schools throughout West Virginia and the Nation.  


Each year, Gamechangers holds summits for high school students to share the importance of making healthy choices. Game Changers is designed to empower West Virginia youth with straight-up-facts and information, solid support, and major amplification of their voice as they work to Change the Game in their local communities, statewide and beyond. WV DII is working with Game Changers to expand the program impact into daily school curriculum and conversation and to support seven summits that will livestream throughout the state in Fall 2020.  

“Continued prevention and community-specific programs must be a priority throughout West Virginia. We must change the game.”


Joe Boczek

WV Game Changers Inc.


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